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Help us Preserve The Boilers & Millcreek Canyon

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Vision & Purpose

We intend to restore & protect The Boilers & Millcreek Canyon in Washington, Utah. To create a place that people are drawn to because of it’s intrinsic beauty, rich history, educational opportunities, & artistic displays.


History & Ecology

Clear spring water boiling up through sand & sculpted red rock canyon walls have made The Boilers & Millcreek Canyon a gathering place for hundreds of years.


Plans & Updates

Check in often to see how our site plans are coming along & to see times for open site tours and current volunteer opportunities.


a true
with nature.


Appreciate life & the living world which engenders both a human-to-human connection and a human-to-nature connection. Join us and become a biophiliac!


Restoring and protecting wildlife habitats, water sources, and encouraging native biodiversity while preserving the ability for visitors to interact and enjoy these unique ecosystems.

Regenerative Site & Building Design

Using the best of cutting edge innovation to design facilities, public gardens, water ways and trail systems in a manner that is not just restorative, be regenerative.

The water sources found in The Boiliers & Millcreek Canyon means life itself to this region. For generations they have fed homes, gardens, and fields. They used to be a place of retreat for family, friends, and sweethearts. These sites used to be sacred to our community.

Visitor Experience

Jaw-dropping beauty plus interactive encounters and inspirational design adds up to learning you can see, touch, hear, smell, and taste. The kind of learning that lasts a lifetime and creates a thirst for more.

Student Integration

From Elementary field trips to University internships and ongoing Adult Education, the BSE&DP provides continual opportunity for real-life experiences, scientific research, and a springboard for innovation & creativity.

Community Outreach

Ongoing opportunities for individuals, civic groups, and families to volunteer at the BSE&DP gives the satisfaction and inner-renewal that comes from serving the greater community.

reach the past.
touch the future.
educate generations.

We have an opportunity to bridge our past with our future in a really meaningful way. Supporting an organization that will serve community needs, enhance educational experiences, create positive job growth in this region, and showcase the inherent beauty and significance of important historical sites seems like a no-brainer.

build our
& economy.

Job Creation

Employment opportunities in technical, scientific, educational & organizational capacities will provide positive job growth in our region.

Increase Property Value

Restoring these sites by mitigating wildfire & flash-flood hazards and creating beautiful gardens, facilities, and trail systems will boost the value of homes, businesses, and undeveloped real estate.

Economic Catalyst

Using local professionals & suppliers is not only the “green” construction choice, but it will also build our local economy in the short-term (during construction). Long term eco-tourism and patronage of the BSE&DP will provide the spending and support of local businesses for years to come.