Vision & Purpose

our mission is to
preserve, protect,
innovate, & inspire

  • To Preserve and Protect
  • The habitat and ecology.
  • The ability for the public to interact responsibly with nature.
  • The history of our region.
  • To Innovate
  • In areas of green technology and application.
  • In areas of habitat restoration.
  • In areas of nutritionally dense food production.
  • To Inspire
  • A connection to nature.
  • Cultural unity.
  • Creative Expression.

The Boiling Springs Ecoseum & Desert Preserve is a non-profit entity formed in 2012 to address the ecological problems of The Boiling Springs & Millcreek Canyon in Washington, Utah.

Our purpose is to preserve, protect, and enhance these treasures in our community. To provide responsible public access that sparks a spirit of exploration and engender a connection to the wonders of nature.